ILDS Cars N Beaches III :: 06/16/2012

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ILDS Cars N Beaches III :: 06/16/2012

Post by SVT3658 on 2012-04-30, 12:49 am

Date: 06/16/2012
Time: 11.Am-4 PM.
Location: Crandon Park, Key Biscayne, Florida.
Parking: Large parking area but open to the public.
Parking Costs: $6.00 at the gate Cash ONLY
Food: Bring your own food.

Hello Fans and people interested in attending Car N Beaches 3 this year. We wanted to explain the Cars n Beaches 3 meet in further detail. Like building a motor you must revisit, tweak and revisit the motor to ensure everything runs smoothly. The Cars and beaches concept in previous years has been really laid back and we'd like to have the same vibe and feel this year. We expect people to come out with their families to enjoy a day at the beach with the ILDS staff. We found a great location in Key Biscayne, Miami that has a large parking area. We won’t be having any vendors or sponsors and we will not have reserved parking since it’s a state park. However, there is plenty of space for people to fill in and park. Parking costs will be $6.00 at the gate and they only accept cash, make sure to hit up the ATM before you arrive at the park. ILDS will have a large shelter there where you are more than welcome to leave your things and set up your own picnic area in front or around the shelter. So pack a cooler, bring your family, and bring your camera so you can capture the epic moments. There will be plenty of sick cars at cars and beaches and you don't want to miss it.
Thanks for your interest in C&B3 Hope to see you in June.

Let's have a strong Focus presence!


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