Listing of "REGULAR" FloridaFocus G2Gs.

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Listing of "REGULAR" FloridaFocus G2Gs.

Post by PR1ME on 2010-02-18, 2:00 pm

If you have a regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly thing that happens in your area that you guys attend as a group, let me know. I will list it here so it is easy to find for those that might want to come find you. Please give me as much info as you can ... location/address, time, etc. After you give me the info, I will move it to the first post and then clean out the thread. I would like this thread to stay ON TOPIC and clear of too much chit chat as it is meant to be an INFORMATION thread.

NORTH FLORIDA (Jacksonville/Orange Park)
WHAT: Sonic Rice-Fest
WHERE: Sonic on Beach Blvd. (11110 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32246) ... we then move to the Home Depot off Argyle Forest Rd. (9751 Crosshill Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32222)
WHEN: Saturday Nights ... Sonic: We start showing up at around 8:30-9:00 .... Home Depot: around 10:00

SOUTH FLORIDA (Fort Lauderdale)
WHAT: Tower Shops Car Show
WHERE: Not sure of the address but its on University and....well its just before 595.
WHEN: Every Friday Night Starts at around 6 or 7 ends about 9.

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melbourne car meet

Post by Royce01 on 2012-04-24, 10:59 am

hey i live in melbourne and they have a tuner car meet every thursday night by my apartment complex. Im the only one with a focus though and would like to get together with other focus owners. the meet starts at 9:30pm until whenever. most people head out around 11:30pm though. they have a bunch of different tuners there, mostly honda's but thats what everyone drive now a days. If your intrested let me know.

What: melbourne tuner nights
Where: Maximum fitness training center on stack blvd and palm bay rd.
When: every thursday at 9:30pm

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